Lisa Spencer

After only a couple of years working in the psychology field, I was already looking for a job change. I relocated from Connecticut back to Rhode Island and my dad, who owned Atlantic Paper at the time, offered me an interim position while I struggled to “find my passion.” After working in the office for a year or so, he suggested that I try my hand as an outside sales rep – and so began my new career, nearly 30 years ago! It was a challenging role for personal growth and gave me a great chance, in a roundabout way, to utilize my psychology degree. It was very satisfying to contribute to the success of the company while also giving me the unique and wonderful opportunity to work with my dad, uncle, sisters, and my future husband, David!  David and I eventually bought the company, and I am doing what I enjoy the most – being in front of our customers as an account manager.

This might sound strange, but one of my favorite experiences at Atlantic Paper was the day of the massive fire that damaged our warehouse and office space.  Yes, you heard me right – the day we lost inventory, computers and records, telephones, electricity, and memories was one of my favorite Atlantic Paper experiences (thankfully, no one was in the building at the time). Incredibly, every member of our team showed up to work the next day ready to clean up, dig in and carry on. Our suppliers, customers, friends and competitors offered any assistance that we needed and within 24 hours we were actually making deliveries!  We had an amazing sense of community and loyalty that energized us and strengthened our resolve of who we are as a company and the value and quality of our personal and business relationships.

As for my interests outside of the company, my main priority is being a mother and getting my kids through middle school, high school, and college (I’m still working on that last one)! Otherwise, I’ve started playing golf, I trained for the Camino de Santiago in Spain (a 100 mile walk), and I love to entertain and cook for family and friends.