Simplifying the Purchasing Process

Acme, a seasonal manufacturing company, produces 80% of its product within a short four month time period. To manage inventory levels and to keep operations running smoothly during these peak months, the company employs a two-person purchasing team.

In short order, the once high maintenance purchasing process at Acme Manufacturing became blissfully
predictable. Rather than fire drills, Acme’s plant managers benefit from a streamlined process of supply ordering and replenishment.

Through the implementation of AMI, emergency shipments and holding costs were eliminated, and cash flow  improved dramatically. The company realized the most significant savings during peak-season because there was always enough product on hand to support production and shipping.

The Atlantic Paper AMI program improved Acme’s work flow, and helped to maximize production for this cyclical business, ensuring that all their manufacturing resources were dedicated to production during their critical season, rather than wasting time and money running around to back-fill essential supplies.