Stabilizing Inventory Levels

Local manufacturing company, ABC Manufacturing, stood divided. Even its physical footprint was dispersed, with three separate buildings, each housing a different division of the company. To meet their supply needs, ABC’s individual Plant Managers also worked alone – each individual was responsible for ordering supplies for its own division, without any communication with one another.

With Atlantic Paper’s AMI program, ABC’s product outages were virtually eliminated. Proactive ordering and initial weekly visits by the account representative united ABC’s divided ordering process and replenished their dwindling stock in a few short weeks. In fact, ABC’s new system allowed each division to reduce its inventory levels by $10,000 – for a total savings of over $30,000 during the first pilot phase.  ABC’s additional cost savings were similarly impressive. Working with Atlantic Paper, the company eliminated its existing requisition system and created a blanket purchase order for the year. Rather than its annual 300 individual requisitions, the team developed one consolidated invoice each month, saving roughly $22,500* in annual time and administrative costs.