Brian Y.

I am glad to have the opportunity to express how much I appreciate having Atlantic Paper as my supplier of pretty much all of my building maintenance supplies and shipping supplies. I can’t count the number of times that Atlantic has come through for us in a pinch. Too many times a custom box is required in bulk, and having a sales rep willing to run whatever we need out to us – and a skid if we need it to follow – delivered by their own trucks the next day is just one example of why I continue to choose Atlantic.

Being in the Atlantic Managed Inventory Program and having the flexibility to change my min/max on quantities means never actually having to order anything. I save so much time every week not needing to monitor my supplies, and that alone is one of the many benefits to doing business with Atlantic Paper.
With the saving of time being so apparent, it can be easy to overlook pricing.  But not when you are as peppered as I am with other vendors or suppliers looking for business. I give them less than five minutes to tell me their pricing on just a few staple items that we use, all with our logo printed on them. The meeting then ends. In 10 years, no other supplier has been able to beat Atlantic’s pricing, service, or the value it provides to our organization. Its customer service is exemplary and its proactive business practices and attitude sets Atlantic apart in the industry – one of the many reasons we enjoy and will continue to do business with Atlantic Paper.