Don L.

In my capacity as Controller and CFO for two different companies, I have worked with Atlantic Paper & Supply for more than 20 years. It has been my pleasure to work directly with the owner, David Spencer, for all those years. As they say, leadership starts at the top and David is a shining example of that.

When you work with David and his staff at Atlantic you immediately get a sense that they truly care about the well being and overall success of their customers. The “Atlantic Advantage” program is something that is not offered by any other vendors I do business with. Knowing that, whenever possible, Atlantic is going to pass on cost savings to me, gives me piece of mind.

I also benefit a great deal from Atlantic’s Managed Inventory program. It saves my staff a lot of time and it ensures that I won’t run out of needed supplies, while keeping my inventory levels within a desired range.

Without reservation, I would highly recommend doing business with Atlantic Paper & Supply.